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Obersee Kids Rag Tops Convertible Headwear with Fleece

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Rag Tops Headbands for Kids with Fleece, Clothing for Face and Neck, Hair Accessories (Squares)

  • VERSATILE RAG TOPS: Our simple, supreme headwear accessories may be worn in numerous styles according to the activity. Whether it’s used as an exercise or fitness band, yoga accessory, a stylish scarf, a buffer against elements such as sun, wind, dust, or snow, or even as a tool for imagination for unicorn fantasies or naruto ninja dress up parties, your child will love this headband!
  • MANY STYLISH LOOKS: Obersee bands are great for variable looks and fashions. Girls can use the headbands as a boho, forehead cover or as a stylish wrist band with a matching hat or beanie. Boys can wear them as do rags or as a sweatband during athletic activities. The possibilities are endless with Obersee headwear accessories.
  • SHIELD FROM DEBRIS: Use our soft headwraps as a mask to block out dust, smoke, ice, or even as a wide bandana that can protect the hair and head from rain, sleet, or snow. Combine this band with a set of other protective gear or with a ski helmet or bike helmet for a complete look. It can even be used during warmer weather to keep cool because of its high-tech, microfiber material that wicks away moisture.
  • FOR ALL SEASONS: Obersee’s headwear accessories are perfect for the winter, summer, fall, and spring months, providing all-year protection and fashion. Use it during summer activities like cruising desert trails, a sweatband during a springtime run, or during the winter as a face wrap for ice fishing.
  • MADE WITH QUALITY MATERIALS: Rag Tops Convertible Headwear by Obersee are made with a seamless tube of high-tech microfiber ideal for use by both boys and girls to use for extreme sports, high-fashion beauty trends, or everyday protection from the elements. One size fits most. Young men and women alike will love this high-quality headband.


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As seasons change and the elements range from quiet, rain storms to raging blizzards, your kids will need something that will help keep them protected but also looking fashionably stylish. From rain, sleet, snow, dust and other debris, our Obersee Rag Tops provide the perfect solution for versatile protection. Instead of buying up a variety of headbands, wraps, and beanies, simply transform our high-tech, microfiber material into whatever head accessory desired. It will save you time and effort getting your kids ready for athletic activities, abrupt changes in weather or even a fashionable night out. Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our business at Obersee, so if you are not satisfied with a purchase, please feel free to contact us. This seamless tube of high-tech microfiber is ideal for use by both boys and girls to use for extreme sports, high-fashion beauty trends, or everyday protection from the elements. This headwear provides the perfect amount of coverage and comfort to whomever wears them. Versatile kid’s rag tops are great to have on hand during the entire year, especially if your child is prone to losing things. With these headwraps on hand, you won’t have to scramble to put an outfit together before activities again. Here at Obersee, we are dedicated to providing you with quality apparel. Obersee is a family owned company that takes pride in creating quality products at reasonable prices. We assure you that you will be satisfied with our quality products. We are here to help you with all of your headwear apparel needs.


  • Made with a seamless tube of high-tech microfiber
  • Perfect for everyday protection from the elements
  • Great for all seasons
  • Can be used as ski headwear, neck gaiter, face guard, fitness band, yoga accessory, or stylish scarf
  • Use as a mask to block out snow, dust, smoke, or other debris
  • Combine this band with a set of other protective gear for a complete look
  • Perfect dress up tool for kids
  • One size fits most
  • Family business , high-quality products



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