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Cleaning And Washing Instructions

How to wash a leotard to maintain the fabric and color quality?

  • Machine Wash on a delicate cycle. Low agitation wash with a lower speed spin is ideal to wash your leotards as it will not pull the delicate fibers of your leotard.
  • Run cold water, note that some detergents do not dissolve well in cold water. Check your detergent to make sure it is formulated for cold water.
  • Remove promptly, hang or lay flat to air dry. If you would like to use a dryer, use a no-heat setting and make sure the leotard is inside-out.
  • Hand Wash is another preferable option. Removing all of the soap from the fabric will help your leotard last longer. Leaving soap behind can result in the breakdown of fabric, and a loss of vibrant color.

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